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ANCHOR LEAD: Have you ever thought about your later years in life? Did you ever consider the need of chronic illness care? In the following story Caraway explains why it is important to start thinking now about growing older. (:60) SCRIPT: Health Care Now, I'm Chanel Caraway. Most Americans will live longer than they'd imagine. But as we age the chance for developing a chronic illness and needing long-term care increases. Dr. Bob Pokorski, Vice President and Medical Director with Prudential, says that most people are turning a blind eye to these facts of aging. CUT: (Pokorski) A lot of people are in denial or think that is somebody else that is going to need this kind of care; is actually most folks. And the next thing is to think about how are you going to pay for it, which is savings. SCRIPT: But sometimes savings are not enough or they are spent in other needs. Dr. Pokorski says there are other solutions to decrease the financial impact of chronic care. CUT: (Pokorski) Good news! There are new options available to pay for this kind of care; options that didn't exist even a few years ago. One such option is life insurance. Life insurance that has a writer it will pay a benefit if you need this kind of care. SCRIPT: To learn more about chronic illness care and different solutions to afford it, visit Prudential-dot-com/ChronicCare. That's Health Care Now from Prudential.
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