• 04-OCT-2014

  • SOURCE: ResMed

What You Need to Know about Women and Sleep

Sleep Expert and Author Dr. Carmel Harrington Explains Why Women Should Address Common Sleep Issues to Get Better Sleep

What constitutes a good night's sleep for women, and how is it different than for men? Is it enough hours of sleep? Uninterrupted sleep? Despite their chronic tiredness, women today may not be sure what quality sleep means and may not recognize female-specific issues that affect sleep.

Quality sleep is one of the most important contributors to a woman's health and, combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise, is essential in helping women live their lives to the fullest. Sleep expert and author of two books about sleep, Dr. Carmel Harrington, discusses insights from a new study about women's sleep habits and how a lack of understanding about sleep may be sabotaging it. She discusses the importance of making sleep a priority and shares what women need to know and do in order to get the sleep they need.

When it comes to men and women, there are big differences between the sheets. Dr. Harrington also talks about the separate issues women face, including sleep apnea – which is often undiagnosed in women.