• 20-JAN-2015

  • SOURCE: Samsung Electronics America

Samsung Highlights How UHD is Putting Details to Work

Samsung is launching a new collaborative project with thought leaders from various creative industries to illustrate how ultra high definition (UHD) resolution can support greater creative expression, productivity and results in visually intensive fields.

Today, UHD resolution allows professionals to work more efficiently by providing more detail and viewing area to visualize photos, videos, designs, code, dashboards, maps and more with greater accuracy and precision. Through the new Details at Work project, Samsung will highlight a number of leading creative professionals to illustrate how UHD is making an impact in sectors where details matter most, including photography, filmmaking, design, programming and entrepreneurship.

Currently on Details at Work, Samsung is profiling Mark English, principal at Mark English Architects, who discusses how ultra high definition details influence his approach to design and allow him to better present concepts to customers. In another video, Sara Haider, Android engineer at Secret, talks about working with UHD as a programmer and how it has helped her be more productive and comfortable during long days and nights of coding.