• 29-NOV-2013

  • European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium; Hungary; Strasbourg, France

  • SOURCE: S&D Group at European Parliament

'Hormone-Free' Beef Imports: an Opportunity for the USA

On the occasion of the memorandum renewal between the US and the EU on beef meat trade, S&D MEPs reiterate their will of banning US imports of beef treated with hormones, despite USA complaining against the WTO.

EP rapporteur Vital Moreira said: "We haven't yet find a common solution but we agreed on a provisional agreement whereby we would implement quotas to import high quality 'hormone free' beef from the United States."

He continued: "As we are not ready to abandon our ban, it gives the United States the opportunity to develop a 'hormone-free' beef industry, to export to the Union. This could be our final arrangement."

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