• 01-OCT-2015

  • SOURCE: S&D Group at European Parliament

Circular Economy: MEPs want a new lease of life for products

Today, Euro MPs reiterate their call for a binding legislation on waste-reduction and a clear strategy to build the path towards a circular economy.

A showcase held in the main building of the European Parliament is inviting staff members and visitors to bring their broken devices to get a free reparation. 

The initiative aims at promoting a new lease of life for products and to demonstrate the social, economical and environmental potential of a circular economy at the European scale.

After having adopted a strong resolution in July, MEPs now urge the Commission to set ambitious targets on product policy – including in the landfill and food sectors –  and therefore enable a life-cycle economy to grow and develop in the European Union.

This HD broadcast package is made of 1 ready-to-air video and 1 B-ROLL video.

It contains the following sequences:

  • Interview with Jo Leinen, MEP co-hosting the conference on a new lease of life for products (natural sound bites, English)
  • Interview with Marc Demuyser, Instructor at “Horizon”, training Workshop through work (supported by the association « Les petits riens ») (natural sound bites, French + English subtitles available)
  • Stock shots of the showcase and the high-level conference on circular economy