• 15-MAR-2016

  • SOURCE: S&D Group at European Parliament

EP TAX Committee to fight against Apple, Google, Ikea and McDonald's tax avoidance (EN/DE)

This evening, the special TAXE Committee in the European Parliament, held a hearing with big multinationals to learn more about their business model and tax habits, which "harms our society, SMEs and citizens", said EP co-rapporteur on this new round of hearings (TAXE2), Jeppe Kofod. Firms such as Apple, Google, IKEA and McDonald's, are pointed out for having been taxed at less than 1% in Europe, whereas medium-sized businesses pay much more. Representatives from countries well known for their low tax regime -Guernsey and Jersey, Andorra, Liechtenstein and Monaco- were also asked to answer open questions from the special Committee. Among the bad practices: the Tax rulings negotiated by some Member States, which ease the tax burden of large corporations.

Following the meeting, the TAXE Committee will come up with clear recommendations to the EU Commission and the Council to stop tax avoidance which costs billions of € to the EU every year. 

This broadcast-quality video package contains 2 B-roll videos and stock shots.

The package in details:

  • Extracts from the TAXE2 audition from the TAXE Committee in the European Parliament (audio EN)
  • Interview with Jeppe Kofod, EP co-Rapporteur on the TAXE2 hearings (audio EN)
  • Interview with Peter Simon, S&D Group's Spokesperson on the special TAXE Committee (audio DE)
  • Stock shots from Apple stores, Ikea shops and McDonald's restaurants.