• 16-APR-2014

  • SOURCE: S&D Group at European Parliament

Euro MPs win major victory to introduce a "made in" label on consumer goods

An S&D Euro MP today led a cross-party majority to introduce a "made in" label for consumer products sold in the single market. This measure is part of a set of proposals to strengthen the safety and monitoring of consumer goods in the EU. They also include stronger sanctions and penalties for firms which fail to comply with the rules.

Christel Schaldemose, S&D Euro MP and author of the resolution, welcomed the outcome of the vote:

"We want European citizens to feel safe and to be able to trust the products they are buying. This is not the case today.

"There are still too many dangerous products on the market. That's why we are pushing to strengthen the safety requirements of products and the monitoring rules as well as the penalties against firms which sell dangerous goods.

"Manufacturers, importers, and distributors should all be made responsible for the safety of the products they put on the market.

"With the 'made in' label, consumers would know where products were made. In the event of a problem, products would be more easily traceable. Our citizens deserve more transparency and safety in the single market".

Evelyne Gebhardt, S&D Euro MP and spokeswoman for the internal market, added:

"It is vital that we produce safe and high-quality products in the EU. It is also important that citizens are aware of the safety of the products they buy. Alongside the 'made in' label this would have been further enhanced with the introduction of the 'EU safety tested' label, awarded by an independent institution, which the S&D Group argued for.

"The traceability of dangerous products is very problematic in the EU. At least 10% of products in the European market cannot be traced back to their origin. The indication of origin should be binding so that we can guarantee where the product was made and that it is safe for consumption by our citizens."