• 07-OCT-2015

  • SOURCE: S&D Group at European Parliament

European Parliament calls for clearer labelling of traditional products (bilingual EN-FR)

The European Parliament yesterday called on the Commission to propose legislation to provide clearer labelling of traditional product. The protection of geographical indication should be extended from agricultural products to include regionally and locally manufactured goods and handicraft products.

This bilingual video package contains 2 ready-to-air videos and 2 B-ROLL videos, with:

·      Interview with Fabienne Tanter, seller of Alsatian pottery (audio FR + EN subtitles).

·      Stock shots of Alsatian pottery in the shop ‘Poterie d’Alsace’ in Strasbourg, France.

·      Interview with Virginie Rozière, EP rapporteur on geographical indications for non-food products (audio FR + Audio EN).

·      Virginie Rozière presenting a knife from Laguiole, Spanish leatherwork and Alsatian pottery.