• 11-JUN-2015

  • SOURCE: S&D Group at European Parliament

FIFA: Europe must pick up the torch of sports' integrity

Strasbourg, 11th of June. After foul on fans: for Blatter the season has ended. On the initiative of the S&D Group, the European Parliament adopted a resolution on the recent revelations on high-level corruption cases in FIFA with a vast majority.


This video package includes:


·         Footage of the final vote on FIFA in the European Parliament


·         Natural soundbites (FR + EN subtitles) of Marc Tarabella, co-president of the Sport Intergroup at the European Parliament


·         Natural soundbites of Petra Kammerevert (EN), S&D Spokesperson on culture and education


·         Stock shots of Joseph Blatter and Michel Platini visiting the European Parliament


·         Stock shots of Qatar