• 07-OCT-2013

  • SOURCE: S&D Group at European Parliament

Fighting Against 'Gendercide' Teaser

'Gendercide' refers to the systematic and deliberate mass killing of people belonging to a particular sex and this is the first time the European Parliament has addressed this sensitive issue.

Recent estimates of the gender ratio between men and women in the world's population show a distortion in the ratio equal to approximately 200 million 'missing' women. These 'missing' women have been the victims either of sex selection during pregnancy - through prenatal sex detection and abortion - or following birth through infanticide or child neglect.

The European Parliament will vote on this issue this Tuesday 8 October, trying to explores the causes, current trends and consequences, stressing the need to address and end all gender-biased sex-selective practices.

Available video includes a trailer with soundbites and cutaways. An edited package including an interview with EP rapporteur on 'gendercide' Antigoni Papadopoulou and various stock shots will be available tomorrow.