• 14-JAN-2014

  • SOURCE: S&D Group at European Parliament

Food Fraud: for a Mandatory Origin Labelling for Meat in Processed Foods

Gilles Pargneaux on food fraud: "Origin labelling for meat in processed foods should be mandatory"

The European Parliament today called for an EU-wide legal framework for European agricultural and food products. At the request of the S&D Group, the Parliament recommends the mandatory introduction of origin labelling for meat contained in processed foods.

MEP Gilles PARGNEAUX, member Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety and socialist author of the text, said:

"We have reached an unprecedented level of sophistication in food chain fraud. It represented almost 36 billion euros in 2012, a year in which the level of fraud increased by 60%! Since the horse-meat scandal in early 2013, there have been other similar cases. It is absolutely imperative to legislate at a European level against this phenomenon.

"Today, origin labelling is only mandatory for fresh meat. Many right-wing MEPs were against the mandatory labelling, so I have to congratulate myself that we have managed to reach a compromise.

"On the prevention side, we recommend the imposition of strict sanctions for this type of fraud: fines should be twice as much as the potential profit for criminals, and be even be higher if children or vulnerable people are affected. We want to see these measures laid down in future EU legislation.

"The European Commission must act quickly and present a legislation to protect European consumers. Transparency and consumer information must take precedence over any efforts to reduce production costs which may lead to fraud and abuses."

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