• 18-SEP-2014

  • SOURCE: S&D Group at European Parliament

International Action needed to stop the Advance of IS

The Socialists and Democrats Group in the European Parliament strongly condemns the indiscriminate killings, forced conversions, abductions and selling of women practised by the so-called 'Islamic State' (IS). The S&D Group is convinced that the IS represents a grave threat to the stability and security of the Middle East and the wider world. Therefore S&D MEPs support the international efforts to stop the advance of the IS and roll it back, including by using military means necessary, in accordance with international law.

The S&D Group has launched a campaign – #EUWakeUp – to stress that the time has come for Europe to play a stronger political role internationally. The EU must stand alongside its allies, regionally and internationally, and fight to uproot this debased ideology and protect the thousands of people threatened by IS in Iraq and Syria.

S&D MEP and vice-president for foreign affairs Victor Boştinaru said:
"All the countries of the region should put aside their differences and work together to defeat IS. And the EU, in particular, should play its role to facilitate dialogue between key regional players, such as Saudi Arabia and Iran.

"All possibilities should be explored to counter IS in Syria, while respecting international law.

"The S&D Group supports the military assistance to the Kurdish regional government in Iraq in its fight against IS."

Richard Howitt MEP, the S&D Group foreign affairs co-ordinator who negotiated the resolution, said:
"Our Group joins all in the European Parliament to express our deep revulsion at the brutal killing spree which has afflicted large parts of Iraq and Syria, and to express full support for the international coalition to combat it.

"We recognise that many Muslims in the Arab world and across Europe are appalled by the horrendous violence. Although there are those who would call this an Islamic State, we state that this is not a fight against Islam but one against terrorism.

"The killing of humanitarian aid workers whose only motivation is to help others is an unspeakable act of inhumanity."