• 12-APR-2016

  • SOURCE: S&D Group at European Parliament

Learning EU at School to Strengthen European Citizenship (EN/FR/RO)

This Tuesday, MEPs approved a report looking at teaching the role of the EU in schools, universities and through lifelong learning at all educational levels across Europe. With the inclusion of a European dimension in school programs, the EP rapporteur, Damian Draghici wants to enable children to critically reflect on European matters and fight Euroscepticism which is too often based on a lack of knowledge. This could be achieved by implementing a common educational framework focusing on curricula, training, teaching methods, mobility, research and the use of new technologies.

In order to test the water, S&D MEP Hugues Bayet visited a class of students at the Notre-Dame de Bellevue secondary school in Dinant. This group, under the direction of their geography teacher, has spent several weeks being initiated into the mysteries of EU legislation. 

This Broadcast-quality video package contains 1 ready-to-air and 2 B-rolls video.

The package in details:

  • Interview with EP rapporteur Damian Draghici (audio EN/RO)
  • Interview with S&D MEP Hughes Bayet (audio FR)
  • Interviews with the geography teacher and students of the secondary school Notre-Dame de Bellevue in Dinant, Belgium (audio FR)
  • Extracts of the exchange between Hughes Bayet and the students.

Full English translation available in the shotlists !!