• 27-OCT-2015

  • SOURCE: S&D Group at European Parliament

MEPs approve a new agenda for tax justice

After more than six months of intensive investigations into the aggressive tax planning exemplified by the tax rulings and similar measures that became common practice in several member states, the European Parliament's special TAXE committee adopted a set of recommendations yesterday night in Strasbourg. These aim to improve tax co-ordination and co-operation in the EU in order to fight aggressive tax planning. 

They include (among many other measures): a call for EU governments to adopt new rules to force multinational companies to report their profits and taxes paid on a country-by-country basis; a full common consolidated tax base for corporate taxation (CCCTB); a European blacklist of tax havens, with sanctions for those dealing with them; protection for whistleblowers; and an incompatibility regime for advisors on tax matters.

Later today, the European Parliament also called for increased transparency on the tax rulings negotiated between national tax administrations and multinationals which were at the heart of the LuxLeaks scandal.

 This Broadcast-quality video package contains:

  • extract of Monday's Committee vote on corporate taxes
  • extracts of Tuesday's plenary vote on tax rulings
  • interview with Elisa Ferreira, co-rapporteur on the EP recommendations on corporate taxes (in English)
  • interview with Hughes Bayet, S&D spokesperson on tax rulings (in French + English subtitles)
  • interview with the economist Thomas Piketty (in French + English subtitles)
  • 1 Ready-to-air video, with a voice-over and subtitles (English)
  • 1 B-roll video
  • Stock Shots of multinationals' Headquarters