• 08-SEP-2015

  • SOURCE: S&D Group at European Parliament

MEPs say 'no' to cloned animals on the EU market

MEPs say no to cloned animals on the EU market (EN subtitles)

Today, the European Parliament backed a proposal to prohibit the cloning of animals for farming purposes in all Member States. The cloning technique aims to obtain a genetic copy of an animal for the reproduction of its special characteristics but his process would have serious consequences in terms of animal welfare.

The Socialists & Democrats worked hard to establish a system of traceability which – in addition to cloned animals and embryo clones- would involve cloned animals descendants and the whole genetic material.

This HD broadcast package contains 2 b-roll videos with:

  • Extracts of the plenary vote in the European Parliament in Strasbourg
  • Interview with MEP Clara Eugenia Aguilera Garcia (natural soundbites in ES, EN subtitles available)
  • Recent stock shots on animals used for farming activities