• 04-APR-2014

  • SOURCE: S&D Group at European Parliament

MEPs Stand With Trade Unionists Against Social Dumping

Following the call of European Confederation of Trade Unions (CES), thousands of trade unionists from all over Europe demonstrated in Brussels today for «a new direction for Europe».

They have been joined by Members of the Socialist & Democrat Group in the European Parliament.

Through this action, demonstrators call for investment, sustainable growth and quality jobs. On tracts distributed by Belgian trade unionists, we could read: «Stop social dumping. For another Europe. A better Europe. A social Europe».

Marc Tarabella, Socialist MEP, took part in the demonstration:

"We need to stop social dumping! We have to stop this competition between social systems in Europe. It is the message that I want to pass, with them: in the European parliament, there are people that really fight against social dumping, extreme liberal measures that are taken since 15 year in Europe."

"It is fundamental that young people find a job, it is really the message that we support and in the European parliament, amongst the prominent political groups, it is our group which carries that message and people need to know it!"

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