• 09-JUL-2015

  • SOURCE: S&D Group at European Parliament

MEPs vote to protect freedom of panorama and effective copyright reform

Strasbourg, 9th of July. S&D MEPs today voted to ensure that images taken in public spaces remain free to use as part of a report on comprehensive copyright reform.

A lot of focus in the media and in public campaigns has been on an amendment added to the report by the Liberal group which threatens the freedom of panorama - the unrestricted right to use photographs of public spaces, without infringing the rights of the architect or the visual artist. This amendment was strongly rejected in today's vote.

S&D MEPs also sent a clear signal to the EU Commission that they need a comprehensive copyright reform. This must include fair remuneration for creators and protect consumer's right.

This broadcast-quality video package contains:

- extracts of the plenary votes

- interview with S&D Spokesperson on copyright, Mary Honeyball (natural sound bites, English)

- stock shots of public building being snapped by citizens