• 21-JAN-2014

  • European Parliament, Bruxelles, Belgium ; Tanzania, Africa

  • SOURCE: S&D Group at European Parliament

MEPs want to boost global ratification of the UN Arms Trade Treaty

Socialists and Democrats Members in the European Parliament today voted in favour of a massive ratification of the UN Arms Trade Treaty.

David Martin, S&D Spokesperson and EP Rapporteur on the ATT said: "The purpose of this is to bring under control the export of arms to third countries, particularly trying to stop arms going to areas where there is a possibility for genocides or abuse of human Rights ». He added: « We need 50 countries in the world for the Convention to come into force ; so today European Parliament's trade committee called on the 28 EU member states to ratify the ATT and to make it operational ».

Background information:
On 2 April 2013 the UN General Assembly adopted the first-ever international Treaty regulating the export, import, transfer of conventional arms ranging from battle tanks to ammunitions. Unlike weapons of mass destruction, trade in conventional weapons has not been subject to any legally binding global instrument. The European Parliament has long been a vocal supporter of the Arms Trade Treaty which would set common international standards preventing human rights abusers and violators of law of war from being supplied with arms. EP International Trade Committee was tasked with preparing the consent of the European Parliament on the EU Member States ratifications of the Treaty. MEPs approved it in Committee today before making it approved in plenary in February 2014. © European Union, [2014] – EP