• 24-FEB-2015

  • SOURCE: S&D Group at European Parliament

No cross-border transport with megatrucks in the European Union

Brussels, 24th of February. There will be no cross-border transport with longer and heavier trucks in the European Union, following a vote today by the Transport Committee in the European Parliament. The MEPs reiterated their will to impose limits on 'megatrucks', which are 25 metres long and weigh up to 60 tons. Up to now, they have only been used in Scandinavia and, on a trial basis, in the Netherlands and parts of Germany. That situation will remain as it is. The deal concluded today will nevertheless be confirmed by a vote in plenary later this month.


The video package includes:

- sounbites with the EP Rapporteur on the issue, Jörg Leichtfried

- extracts of the voting session in the European Parliament

- stock shots of heavy transport vehicles.