• 10-DEC-2013

  • SOURCE: S&D Group at European Parliament

Progressive Reform Paves the Way to More Sustainable Fisheries

The European Parliament in Strasbourg today overwhelmingly supported a new reform of the fisheries sector masterminded by S&D rapporteur Ulrike Rodust.

The cornerstone of the new reform is the introduction of strict rules to prevent overfishing thus allowing Europe's fish stocks to regenerate. By 2015, fisheries ministers must set sustainable quotas to ensure that by 2020 the maximum fishing catch allowed will not damage fish stocks.

Following the vote, Ulrike Rodust MEP, who is also S&D spokesperson on fisheries, said:

"With today's vote we made sure that European fisheries will, finally, be managed in a sustainable way. This will create a better future both for fishermen all over Europe while protecting the environmental state of our oceans.

"This will create a better future both for fishermen all over Europe as well as for the environmental state of our oceans. Overfishing and the wasteful practice of discarding edible fish will be phased out quickly while providing feasible solutions to help fishermen adapt to the new realities.

"We also made sure that in the future, the EU will have to act responsibly when fishing in third country waters, especially in the developing world.

"Another big achievement is the introduction of the principle of 'regionalisation': while overall objectives will still be set by the EU, the reform ensures that detailed decision-making will be moved away from Brussels and be done on a regional level".

S&D Vice-president Göran Färm said:

"Once fish stocks have recovered, the sustainability principle will benefit fishermen and regions dependent on fisheries industry in the long run.

"It is now very important for the EU and the member states to properly implement the new reform and to apply its principle to fisheries agreements with developing countries".