• 26-FEB-2014

  • SOURCE: S&D Group at European Parliament

S&D Euro MPs Lead Vote on Emergency eCall System in all Cars from 2015

S&D Euro MP Olga Sehnalova today led a cross-party majority on a proposal to equip from 2015 all new models of passenger cars with an eCall device that is activated in the event of a serious accident anywhere in Europe.

This device will automatically dial the 112 emergency number and send details of the accident so that rescue services can be immediately alerted and cut response times.

Olga Sehnalova said after the vote: "The deployment of an EU-wide emergency call system in all cars will be a lifesaver. The eCall will allow the rescue services to respond more quickly and it could save around 2,500 lives every year in the EU. The severity of injuries could also be considerably reduced in ten thousands of cases."

"We also made sure citizens' personal data and privacy are protected. The 112 eCall is not a tracking device and vehicles will not be traceable. It is a 'dormant' system which is only active when an accident occurs. Data transmitted through the eCall will be kept to minimum information required for the handling of emergency calls."

S&D group negotiator for the transport committee Zita Gurmai added:

"It is also crucial that all EU countries upgrade their public-safety answering point (PSAP) infrastructure by October 2015 to allow eCalls to be properly handled.

"We hope to be able to extend the system in future to other vehicles such as trucks, buses, coaches and agricultural vehicles."

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