• 13-SEP-2016

  • Strasbourg, France

  • SOURCE: S&D Group at European Parliament

S&D Group: Generally positive performance from Julian King on Security Union brief

Following the hearing with the European Parliament’s civil liberties, justice and home affairs committee last night, the S&D Group was generally positive about Julian King's performance, the new UK Commissioner, and his grasp of the Security Union portfolio.

S&D spokesperson for civil liberties, justice and home affairs, Birgit Sippel, said:

“Security is a vital issue for Europe and we need a clear strategy to fight terrorism, organised crime and extremist violence. For us it was important that yesterday’s hearing focused on Julian King’s ability to perform the role at hand, not on questions regarding Brexit or the UK’s new relationship with the EU.

“We are pleased with the Commissioner-in-waiting’s reassurances that fundamental rights need to be at the heart of an effective security strategy. Europe needs a clear, evidence-based approach, not knee-jerking responses that restrict fundamental freedoms while failing to provide additional security.

“We are also pleased that Julian King confirmed a comprehensive review of all existing EU security measures would take place. This is something we have long called for so that we can assess what works well, where there are shortcomings and where legislation has not been implemented effectively by member states.

“Overall he gave a professional performance and showed a good grasp of the subjects at hand.”

Interview with Birgit Sippel, S&D MEP