• 10-MAY-2016

  • SOURCE: S&D Group at European Parliament

Steel sector: S&D MEPs will not back Market Economy Status for China (EN/DE/FR)

Today in Strasbourg, German steel workers demonstrated in front of the European Parliament, urging the EU to take action against low tariffs on Chinese imports which have led to dumping and thousands of job losses in the EU. The workers' call to MEPs comes two days before an important vote in the European Parliament on granting China market economy status. The president of the Socialists & Democrats Group in the European Parliament, Gianni Pittella, has already stated that his group will not back it.

S&D MEPs Jo Leinen (Germany), David Martin (UK) and Edouard Martin (France) joined the steel workers' demonstration to back their call to compete on a level playing field. 

This broadcast-quality package contains 4 B-roll videos. View package details:

  • footage from the steel workers' demonstration in front of the European Parliament (Strasbourg)
  • interview with S&D MEP Jo Leinen (audio DE)
  • interview with S&D MEP David Martin (audio EN)
  • interview with S&D MEP Edouard Martin (audio FR)
  • interview with IG Metall representative, Thomas Schiff (audio DE)

=> Full English translation available in the shotlists.