• 22-JAN-2016

  • SOURCE: S&D Group at European Parliament

The EU investigates McDonald's tax regime and working conditions

Mc Donald's is the world's largest fast food restaurant chain. Serving around 68 million customers daily worldwide, the company registers annual revenues of $27.5 billion, however a significant proportion of its profits is suspected to be hidden every year thanks to secret tax deals. The European Commission is taking this matter seriously and has opened an investigation to examine if McDonalds received improper state aid from Lumembourg. Indeed,  from 2009 to 2013, McDonald is supected to have paid 16 million $ taxes on 3.7 billion taxable income. 

This investigation is due to the pressure from trade unions and from the special TAX committee in the European parliament, led by the S&D MEP Peter Simon.

Besides McDonald’s possible tax avoidance, the  social practices of the company have also raised questions from workers’ associations: zero hour contract and low ages build upon the list of complaints. Under the request of British, Belgian and French unions, the European Parliament will soon investigate these bad working conditions imposed by the enterprise upon its European subsidiaries. The S&D Spokesperson for employment and social affairs, Jutta Steinruck will follow the process carefully.

The European Union is definitely not willing to accept the export of McDonald’s business model oversees. 

This broadcast-quality video package contains 3 videos: 1 ready-to-air, 1 B-ROLL and stockshots.

The package in detail:

  • Interview with Peter Simon (Germany), S&D spokesperson on the TAXE committee (audio EN)
  • Interview with Thomas Woodruff, Executive Director at Change to win (audio EN)
  • Interview with Patrick Orr, Policy Assistant at the European Public Service Union (EPSU) (audio EN)
  • Interview with Lawanda Williamson, worker at Mc Donald, Detroit, USA (audio EN)
  • Interview with Jutta Steinruck (Germany), S&D spokesperson for employment and social affairs (audio EN)