• 09-OCT-2013

  • European Parliament, Strasbourg, France; Village of Karora, Haryana, India

  • SOURCE: S&D Group at European Parliament

The EU Must Act Against Gendercide

The European Parliament today called on governments to take action against 'gendercide', which refers to the systematic, deliberate and gender-based mass killing of people because of their sex. Recent estimates of the gender ratio in the world's population show a distortion equal to approximately 200 million 'missing' women.

In a resolution drafted by S&D Euro MP Antigoni Papadopoulou and adopted today in Strasbourg, the European Parliament stressed that gendercide is a crime and a severe violation of human rights, and called on governments to introduce laws to investigate such cases, put perpetrators on trial, assist the survivors as well as to introduce supportive measures to empower girls and women.

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