• 19-JAN-2016

  • SOURCE: S&D Group at European Parliament

The EU urges the Polish government to respect the Rule of Law

Today in Strasbourg, a high-level discussion has been held within the European Institutions and in presence of the Polish Prime Minister Beata Szydło on the recent developments in Poland which may threaten the Rule of Law.

The new ruling party "Law and Justice" have been suspected of trying to curb the power of the constitutional court and to interfere in the management of the public broadcaster. Led by the Socialist & Democrat Group, MEPs concretely criticize the recent packing of judges chosen by the government to the Constitutional Court, in breach of the Constitution. The rehabilitation of a minister who had been convicted of abuse of power also puts the independence of judiciary at risk.

Another point of tension relates to the newly reformed process of choosing the management of the public broadcaster. An action which could be a first step in exerting undue influence over the Polish media.

Stating that they can't accept politics which go against the fundamental values of the European Union, MEPs will vote on a resolution during the next plenary session (1-4 February) and hope this strong signal will be heard by the Polish government.

This broadcast quality video package contains 1 "ready-to-air" video, 1 B-ROLL and stock shots (3 videos). 

The content In details:

  • Extracts of the plenary debate and  statement by the Vice-President of the EU Commission, the Dutch Frans Timmermans (audio English)
  • Interview with S&D President, the Italian Gianni Pittella (audio English)
  • Interview with S&D Member, the Hungarian Péter Niedermüller (audio English)
  • Interview with S&D Vice-President, the Slovene Tanja Fajon (audio English)
  • Stock shots on Warsaw and on the last days of the 2014 electoral campaign in Poland.