• 15-APR-2014

  • SOURCE: S&D Group at European Parliament

The EU Will Soon Have a Network of Clean Energy Recharging Stations

Today the European Parliament passed a directive that will strengthen the market of alternative fuel vehicles through the deployment of recharging stations all across Europe.

S&D spokesperson on the issue, MEP Ismail Ertug, said:

"Today more than 90 per cent of the energy used in transport is derived from crude oil. In order to reduce European's overdependence on oil, the Social Democrats have pushed for ambitious targets for this directive.

"The new legislation sets out common standards for infrastructure deployment across Europe. For example, we now will have only one type of electric vehicle connector. This will enable a German car to be recharged at any French recharging point, without the need for an expensive adapter.

"It is a big step forward in ensuring EU-wide sustainable mobility. This legal framework will bring confidence to consumers and industry to invest on sustainable vehicles, because they are the future. At the same time, Europe takes the lead in these clean technologies, thus boosting the potential to export and to create new jobs.

"Now member states will have to implement national strategies on the deployment of alternative fuels infrastructure within two years' time, and the Commission will have to present a comprehensive Action Plan on sustainable mobility by 2018."

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