• 28-OCT-2015

  • SOURCE: S&D Group at European Parliament

Towards a reform of the Anti-Torture regulation

Yesterday, the European Parliament backed the reform of the anti-torture regulation. With this text – unique in the world - MEPs want to send the message that the EU is profoundly committed to the fight against torture and the death penalty. This regulation seeks to ensure that no European national, company or their subsidiaries will be able to profit from trade in goods, substances and services used for such human rights abuses. The text is also about prohibiting any kind of promotion activity, exhibition in market fairs, technical assistance and brokering services related to these goods and provided by EU nationals or companies. MEPs also want national authorities to be enable to immediately stop the export of new devices and technologies that will have no practical use other than to torture, ill-treat or execute individuals. The text that has just been adopted will now be negotiated with the EU Council.

This broadcast-quality video package contains:

  • Extracts of the plenary session in the European Parliament in Strasbourg
  • Interview with S&D Spokesperson on the Anti-Torture regulation, Inmaculada Rodriguez-Pinero (Spanish + English subtitles)
  • 1 'ready-to-air' video
  • 1 B-Roll video
  • Stock Shots on death penalty