• SOURCE: S&D Group at European Parliament

Conflict minerals video clip



Shoot Date

01 Dec 2015

Shoot Location

Brussels, Belgium

Production Company

S&D Group

Video clip produced by the S&D Group on the need to adopt an obligatory system to trace the origin of conflict minerals.
1) 00.00-00.20: A coffee cup is being warmed in a microwave. A woman opens the microwave and takes the cup. 1.a) 00.01-00.05: Voice-over saying (English): “When she has her morning coffee, she doesn’t know what’s happening”. 2) 00.20-00.34: A man is working and typing on a laptop 2.a) 00.21-00.25:Voice-over saying (English): “When he is working on his laptop, he doesn’t know what’s happening”. 3) 00.34-01.06: In an art gallery, a young man is checking his mobile phone. His girlfriend arrives and kisses him. Suddenly, she steps back, surprised by a violent sound of shots. The sound seems to come from the young man’s mobile phone. The girlfriend runs away while the young man is wandering what happened to her. 3.a) Voice-over saying (English): 01.04-01.09: “Do you want to know what’s happening or would you prefer to remain in the dark”? 4) Black screen. Pictures of a mobile phone, a microwave and a laptop appearing one by one. 4.a) 01.12-01.31:Voice-over saying (English): « Mobile phones, laptops, micro-waves and other electrical appliances, contain minerals extracted from conflict zones, fuelling human exploitation and violence. There is no obligatory system to trace the origin of these conflict minerals ». 5) Picture of an African child 5.a) Voice-over saying (English) : « Such system is essential to stop the sounds of war ».
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