• SOURCE: S&D Group at European Parliament

EU Parliament pressures Member States to agree on refugee relocation numbers (Ready-to-air)



Shoot Date

16 Jul 2015

Shoot Location

Brussels, Belgium

Production Company

S&D Group

'Ready-to-air' version (with EN voice-over) of the video news release on refugee relocation across Europe.
BRUSSELS, BELGIUM (July 15 & 16, 2015) (SOCIALISTS AND DEMOCRATS, EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT - ACCESS ALL) 1. VOICE-OVER (ENGLISH): Today in the European Parliament, the Civil Liberties Committee called the European Council to adopt an emergency relocation system for asylum seekers arriving in Greece and Italy. 2. CLAUDE MORAES, CHAIR OF THE CIVIL LIBERTIES COMMITTEE IN THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT SAYING (ENGLISH): “The relocation vote for asylum seekers is an emergency procedure to take into account the fact that we have a crisis in the Mediterranean”. 3. VOICE-OVER (ENGLISH): For Claude Moraes, Chair of the Civil Liberties Committee, Member States have a shared responsibility in their response to that crisis 4. CLAUDE MORAES, CHAIR OF THE CIVIL LIBERTIES COMMITTEE IN THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT SAYING (ENGLISH): « We, as the European Union, need to have a mechanism to have real solidarity. We need to share the refugee burden, which is now being placed in countries like Italy and Greece. There is no real solidarity if the vast majority of refugees and asylum seekers are really being relocated just in a small number of countries in the EU”. 5. VOICE-OVER (ENGLISH): On the question of quotas, Claude Moraes believes that the method inhibits the Council. 6. CLAUDE MORAES, CHAIR OF THE CIVIL LIBERTIES COMMITTEE IN THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT SAYING (ENGLISH): “We are sending a call to the Council as Socialists & Democrats for a managed compassionate approach; I don’t like the word “quotas”, I think this is about redistribution; this is about responsibility and solidarity”. BRUSSELS, BELGIUM (December, 2014) (SOCIALISTS AND DEMOCRATS - ACCESS ALL) 7. VOICE-OVER (ENGLISH): Azzam Daaboul fled Syria after having been accused of terrorism because he had filmed demonstrations against the regime in place. 8. AZZAM DAABOUL SAYING (ENGLISH): “The protection of European borders forces us to do very dangerous things to reach Europe”. 9. VOICE-OVER (ENGLISH): Sometime after Azzam arrived in Belgium, his family crossed the Mediterranean in turn to reach Europe. A journey which led to a sea rescue. 10. AZZAM DAABOUL SAYING (ENGLISH): “After having waited for my family in front of the sea, I’m still scared of seeing that sea again”. 11. VOICE-OVER (ENGLISH): ...a testimony which motivates Socialists & Democrats' position to continue pressuring Member States. The Group hopes that a big step forward will take place to tackle the humanitarian crisis happening at the gates of Europe.
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