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Euro MEPs denounce false myths about free movement and migration



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EUROPE – Animation video - FREE MOVEMENT OF PEOPLE: A EUROPEAN VALUE 1. VOICE-OVER SAYING (ENGLISH) "This is Vincent Brimbled. Since his wife, Betsie, and Mizzie, his cat, left him last year, he's been really moody about everybody and everything. But one thing Vincent has always had a problem with is foreigners. Especially this new category of …. well, you know… the… coming from…Huh.. … all these Ivankas, Elenas, Bogdans, or Pedros, Joaos…, social benefits abusers, stealing honest people's jobs for peanuts as a wage, stealing people's lives, wives and cats! Hum… where was I? Oh yes, ! the thing about Vincent is that he's never been that good with figures: The truth is that only 2.8% of EU citizens live in another country than their own. Which makes the invasion Vincent likes to harp on about slightly exaggerated … About that abusers thing… Immigrants from the European economic area contribute on average 34% more to the fiscal system than they take out. But Vincent is not wrong about everything: Migrant wages are in certain areas, very low compared to those of local people. However, what we do know straight from the horse's mouth, is that those workers are not against the idea of getting a better wage… unlike the companies exploiting them at low cost, sometimes illegally. Feeling any better there? Now let's talk about something that will really make you feel better! Your future pension! Guess who's going to finance it?? That's right… this wave of young, healthy, active people - not only coming from EU countries by the way - who have babies! Isn't that lovely?? **** Clichés die hard, but let's look at the facts: free movement of people is an opportunity for progress, in a Europe of solidarity and cultural diversity".
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