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Europe's got Talent: More Women in Top Jobs



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Strasbourg, France

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Shotlist FRANCE, STRASBOURG (NOVEMBER 20, 2013) (SOCIALISTS AND DEMOCRATS, EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT - ACCESS ALL) 1. CUTAWAY: VARIOUS OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT (EXTERIOR) 2. CUTAWAY: VARIOUS OF THE VOTE IN THE HEMICYCLE 3. CUTAWAY: EVELYN REGNER ARRIVING AT THE INTERVIEW 4. EVELYN REGNER (S&D MEP, AT) SAYING (ENGLISH SPEECH): "We need more women on board! That is the most important thing. The Commissioner, Mrs Reading, proposed to have a procedural quota of 40% of women or men on non-executive boards until the end of 2020. And the measure should be objective, transparent in order to choose either women or men. In other words it simply means that we want to have a more objective procedure, nothing else, so nobody has to be afraid because we aren't saying 'let's take only women, or only men on board', the question is simply to abolish the men quota that exist in reality. And in order to be effective, we also need sanctions, that means for example the exclusion from cohesion funds, from public tenders, and so we have just good means in our hands, also administrative fines for example. " 5. CUTAWAY: EVELYN REGNER TALKING TO A JOURNALIST 6. EVELYN REGNER (S&D MEP, AT) SAYING (ENGLISH SPEECH): "When you have a board that is more diverse, enterprises are more successful. So somehow it is not only a question of being nice and fair to women, it is a question of being fair to the stockholders, to the consumers who are being. 70% of the purchases are more or less decided by women so excluding women from boards is stupid from an economic point of view. So with this decision we are doing something nice for the enterprises as well. " 7. CUTAWAY: CLOSE-UP ON EVELYN REGNER'S EYES PLACE UNKNOWN (JANUARY 31, 2009) (TV NEWSROOM EUROPEAN COUNCIL - ACCESS ALL) 8. CUTAWAY: GRAPHICS OF NUMBERS RELATED TO WOMEN IN TOP POSITIONS 9. BELINDA PYKE (DIRECTOR OF GENDER EQUALITY AND ANTI-DISCRIMINATION, EC) SAYING (ENGLISH SPEECH): « There is increasing evidence to show that firms which have men and women on the board do better economically. And indeed that's particularly important now when we need to ensure that firms can survive, that we have the economic performance to withstand the financial crisis. » BRUSSELS, BELGIUM (FEBRUARY 25, 2013) (EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AUDIOVISUAL – ACCESS ALL) 10. CUTAWAY: FRANCOISE MEUNIER, DIRECTOR GENERAL OF RESEARCH AND TREATMENT FOR CANCER DURING DAY-TO-DAY WORK ACTIVITIES AT HER OFFICE 11. CUTAWAY: CHRISTINE VAN RIJSSEGHEM, SENIOR GENERAL MANAGER, KBC GLOBAL SERVICES LEADING MEETING
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