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European Elections 2014: S&D ready to negotiate for a social Europe



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BRUSSELS, BELGIUM (MAY, 25, 2014) (SOCIALISTS AND DEMOCRATS, EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT - ACCESS ALL) 1. CUTAWAY: VARIOUS OF PEOPLE VOTING IN A SCHOOL 2. VOTER 1 SAYING (FRENCH): "I expect Europe to work on the harmonization of the living conditions between countries ; more solidarity thus." 3. CUTAWAY: A WOMAN VOTING 4. VOTER 2 SAYING (FRENCH): "Above all, I'd like to see a big mobilization to go vote." 5. VOTER 3 SAYING (FRENCH): "I voted so that the UE carries out self-examination and acts differently than what it is doing right now." 6. VOTER 4 SAYING (FRENCH): "I feel like things are going to change, but not necessarily in a good way." 7. VOTER 5 SAYING (FRENCH): "The most important is to choose who's going to be the president of the Commission." 8. VOTER 6 SAYING (FRENCH): "I hope that all the far right parties are going to fall." 9. VOTER 7 SAYING (FRENCH): "More social, more than just economy in Europe. " 16. CUTAWAY: HANNES SWOBODA IN HIS OFFICE WATCHING THE VOX POP ON AN IPAD 17. HANNES SWOBODA (PRESIDENT OF THE S&D GROUP) SAYING (ENGLISH): "Many of them argued for the same as we are arguing. We have to change Europe, we have to make it more social and we have to nominate somebody at the head of the Commission who is really bringing Europe forward into the direction of social Europe. That's what we are fighting for over the last years and we hope we can get it. 18. CUTAWAY: 19. HANNES SWOBODA (PRESIDENT OF THE S&D GROUP) SAYING (ENGLISH): "My expectation is that the group of the Socialists and Democrats will play a bigger and stronger role in the European Parliament, in influencing the Commission and policies in Europe towards a social Europe. So we will fight for it in all our possibilities, in legislation, in appealing to the Commission so that we really get another Europe, a social Europe." 20. CUTAWAY: 21. HANNES SWOBODA (PRESIDENT OF THE S&D GROUP) SAYING (ENGLISH): "The president of the new Commission has to give Europe a new direction into a social Europe, but also into a stronger communication with the citizens. We have to convince citizens that Europe is here to represent their interests inside Europe but also globally. 10. CUTAWAY: VARIOUS OF EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT IN BRUSSELS (EXTERIOR) 11. CUTAWAY: VARIOUS OF THE ATMOSPHERE INSIDE THE PARLIAMENT 12. CUTAWAY: VARIOUS OF THE FIRST ESTIMATION OF THE ELECTIONS' RESULTS 14. CUTAWAY: MARTIN SCHULZ ARRIVING IN THE HEMICYCLE 15. MARTIN SCHULZ (PES CANDIDATE FOR EU COMMISSION PRESIDENT) SAYING (ENGLISH): "We need to find a majority in the European Parliament to change Europe and take another direction." 16. MARTIN SCHULZ (PES CANDIDATE FOR EU COMMISSION PRESIDENT) SAYING (ENGLISH): "Those who want to change Europe, to find another politics, politics of social justice, cohesion and anti-fraud, those are welcome to negotiate with us." 18. HANNES SWOBODA IN THE HEMICYCLE (PRESIDENT OF THE S&D GROUP) (ENGLISH): "This result, as well as my figures or what all figures show, that there was a dramatic loss for the EPP. We have a stronger position, the socialists and democrats, in the next Parliament vis-a-vis the strongest group, if that is, and would be the EPP, and we will use that possibility. " 19. CUTAWAY HEMICYCLE 20. HANNES SWOBODA IN THE HEMICYCLE (PRESIDENT OF THE S&D GROUP) SAYING (ENGLISH): "If Mr. Juncker wants to be the Commission president, again and again, I heard he does not want to be, but he wants to be, he has to accept also our basic wish to change policies in Europe. 21. CUTAWAY HEMICYCLE 22. HANNES SWOBODA IN THE HEMICYCLE (PRESIDENT OF THE S&D GROUP) SAYING (ENGLISH): "We will not go into a coalition with anybody. It must be a majority for change and not a majority that goes in the same way as we did in the past years."
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