• SOURCE: S&D Group at European Parliament

European Parliament shows support for Hungarians' fundamental rights



Shoot Date

10 Jun 2015

Shoot Location

European Parliament, Strasbourg, France

Edited package in English and Hungarian
FRANCE, STRASBOURG (JUNE 10 2015) (SOCIALISTS AND DEMOCRATS, EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT - ACCESS ALL) 1. CUTAWAY: VARIOUS OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT IN STRASBOURG (EXTERIOR) 2. CUTAWAY: VARIOUS OF THE VOTE ON THE SITUATION IN HUNGARY 3. CUTAWAY: BIRGIT SIPPEL TALKING TO A JOURNALIST 4. BIRGIT SIPPEL (S&D MEP, DE) SAYING (ENGLISH): “Our resolution on Hungary is aiming at sending a signal that there are debates, running to the far right, that are not aloud in the European Union. It is not acceptable, for any politician in the European Union, to have debates on reintroducing death penalty. And it is not okay to put the questions of migration and terrorism into the same pot.” 5. CUTAWAY: BIRGIT SIPPEL TALKING TO A JOURNALIST 6. BIRGIT SIPPEL (S&D MEP, DE) SAYING (ENGLISH): “I am afraid that Mr Orban believes we only want to push him down, but that is not true. What we are willing to do is to say: ‘yes there are problems is Hungary but we need to solve them together and we need Mr Orban to come back to the European Union, to come back to democratic principles and accept all the values that are in the treaties that he and his country signed’. ” STRASBOURG, FRANCE (MAY 19, 2015) (EUROPEAN PARIAMENT AUDIOVISUAL - ACCESS ALL) 7. CUTAWAYS: VARIOUS OF THE ARRIVAL OF VIKTOR ORBAN AT THE PARLIAMENT OF STRASBOURG AND WELCOMED BY THE PRESIDENT MARTIN SCHULZ 8. CUTAWAY: LARGE SHOT OF THE HEMICYCLE 9. CUTAWAY: MARTIN SCHULZ PUTTING HIS HEADPHONES ON, VIKTOR ORBAN STANDING UP 10. VIKTOR ORBAN (PRIME MINISTER OF HUNGARY) SAYING (HUNGARIAN): “We Hungarians like to speak frankly, either we speak frankly or we don't speak at all, and we talk straight about death penalty and we talk straight about immigration.” 11. CUTAWAY: FRANS TIMMERMANS SMILING 12. FRANS TIMMERMANS (FIRST VICE-PRESIDENT OF THE EUROPEAN COMMISSION) SAYING (ENGLISH): "If the Hungarian government were to take steps to reintroduce the death penalty, let me underline that the Commission is ready to use immediately all the means at its disposal to ensure that Hungary, as well as any other Member State, complies with its obligations and the Union law and respects the values of the Union enshrined in Article 2. We will not hesitate one second in such a case." 13. CUTAWAY: LARGE SHOT OF THE HEMICYCLE 14. CUTAWAY: MARTIN SCHULZ TAKING OF HIS HEADPHONES
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