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Food fraud: for a mandatory origin labelling for meat in processed foods



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14 Jan 2014

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European Parliament, Strasbourg; Alsace,

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S&D Group

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ALSACE, FRANCE; HUNGARY (MARCH 12, 2013) (EUROPEAN PARIAMENT AUDIOVISUAL - ACCESS ALL) 1. CUTAWAY: VARIOUS OF FRESH MEAT AND MEAT PROCESSED PRODUCTS FRANCE, STRASBOURG (JANUARY 14, 2014) (SOCIALISTS AND DEMOCRATS, EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT - ACCESS ALL) 1. CUTAWAY: VARIOUS OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT IN STRASBOURG (EXTERIOR) 2. CUTAWAY: CLOSE UP ON GILLES PARGNEAUX WHILE HE IS TALKING TO A JOURNALIST 3. GILLES PARGNEAUX (S&D MEP, FR) SAYING (FRENCH SPEECH): "It is all about fighting against fraud in the food chain. We have seen a certain numbers of frauds these last years, especially in 2013 with for example these horses fed with medicines and which meat was found in our plates. It was also the case with the confusion between beef and horse meat." 4. CUTAWAY: TRAVELLING ON GILLES PARGNEAUX'S EYES 5. GILLES PARGNEAUX (S&D MEP, FR) SAYING (FRENCH SPEECH): "We had 3 types of actions in this initiative report. Even if the conservatives agreed with us that a report should be established, they haven't been really strong with it. On the contrary, we have done everything we could to implement strong sanctions for persons guilty of fraud and they are now officially approved. Secondly we have created a European anti-fraud network. And then finally and most importantly, a labelling for processed products because today such a labelling only exists for fresh meat, whereas we see that mafia networks which are developing in a certain numbers of countries within the EU don't allow to certify the exact origin, so it is crucial to have a labelling system for processed food as well. " 6. CUTAWAY: VAIROUS OF THE VOTE IN THE HEMICYCLE 7. GILLES PARGNEAUX (S&D MEP, FR) SAYING (FRENCH SPEECH): "During this plenary we have adopted this report but now the European Commission has to propose a certain plan of action. Yet we are under the impression that the Commission is a bit scared. Why, I don't know but what I reaffirm is the urgency of the situation for the health of 500 millions Europeans. " 8. CUTAWAY: HANDS OF G. PARGNEAUX
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