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GAZA: MEPs call for an immediate ceasefire (ready-to-air)



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European Parliament, Strasbourg

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S&D group

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FRANCE, STRASBOURG (JULY 17, 2014) (SOCIALISTS AND DEMOCRATS, EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT - ACCESS ALL) 1. CUTAWAY: VARIOUS OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT IN STRASBOURG (EXTERIOR) 2. CUTAWAY: VARIOUS OF THE DEMONSTRATION FOR A CEASE FIRE BETWEEN PALESTINE AND ISRAEL IN FRONT OF THE PARLIAMENT 3. VOICE-OVER SAYING (ENGLISH): “The Socialists & Democrats Group yesterday supported a demonstration held in front of the European Parliament against the resurgence of violence in Gaza. Led by the Israeli Yoav Shemer Kunz, the action aimed at calling the EU to ensure the immediate stop of all military operations and the launching of bombs and rockets against civilians. Recently, more than 200 people, including children and civilians, have been killed in the Gaza Strip, while hundreds of rockets have been fired into Israeli territory”. 4. CUTAWAY: EXPLOSION OF A BUILDING IN THE STREETS OF GAZA - GAZA, PALESTINE (JULY 10, 2014) (AMATEUR VIDEO – ACCESS ALL) 5. CUTAWAY: YOAV SHEMER KUNZ TALKING TO THE CROWD DURING THE DEMONSTRATION 6. YOAV SHEMER KUNZ (ISRAELI CITIZEN AND PHD CANDIDATE, STRASBOURG UNIVERSITY) SAYING (ENGLISH SPEECH): « As Israeli citizens, we try to speak to our government, but this is too late for that, I’d say. We tried it many years and now since recent years, we don’t have much hope inside. Our hope is you: we look at the European Union, we look at the International community. We look for international pressure to push the two sides to a real peace deal. » 7. VOICE-OVER SAYING (ENGLISH): S&D Members, deeply concerned about the downward spiral of the Gaza crisis, added their voices to the demonstrators and strengthened their call for a two-State solution . 8. CUTAWAY: RICHARD HOWITT TALKING TO THE DEMONSTRATORS 9. RICHART HOWITT (S&D MEP, UK) SAYING (ENGLISH SPEECH): “On behalf of the S&D Group, it’s our duty to be there, to show solidarity with them and to join their cause, and for them to join ours, to stop this unnecessary violence and for an immediate ceasfire to protect the people of Gaza and of Israel.” 10. CUTAWAY: ANA GOMES TALKING TO THE DEMONSTRATORS 11. ANA GOMES (S&D MEP, PT) SAYING (ENGLISH SPEECH): “We believe that only by having a safe and viable Palestinian State next to it, will Israel be able to insure some survival.“ 12. CUTAWAY: LARGE SHOT OF THE DEMONSTRATORS VOICE-OVER SAYING (ENGLISH): Convinced that further escalation of this crisis can only bring more suffering to both Israelis and Palestinians, S&D Members reiterate their call for an immediate end to hostilities in a resolution adopted today in Strasbourg. 13. CUTAWAY: IMAGES OF THE DAMAGES CAUSED BY THE EXPLOSION INSIDE THE BUILDING THAT EXPLODED (CUTAWAY 4) - GAZA, PALESTINE (JULY 10, 2014) (AMATEUR VIDEO – ACCESS ALL) 14. CUTAWAY: VARIOUS OF THE VOTING SESSION OF THE RESOLUTION TO END VIOLENCE IN GAZA (EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT, INTERIOR)
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