• SOURCE: S&D Group at European Parliament

Learning EU at school - B-roll 1 (FR)



Shoot Date

21 Mar 2016

Shoot Location

Dinant, Belgium

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B-roll version of Hugues Bayet's visit to Notre-Dame de Bellevue secondary school (Dinant, Belgium). Audio FR.
DINANT, BELGIUM (MARCH 21, 2016) (SOCIALISTS AND DEMOCRATS, EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT - ACCESS ALL) 1. CUTAWAY: GENERAL VIEW OF THE CITY OF DINANT (EXTERIOR) 2. CUTAWAYS: NOTRE-DAME DE BELLEVUE SECONDARY SCHOOL (EXTERIOR – 2 SHOTS) 3. CUTAWAY: GEOGRAPHY TEACHER AND S&D MEP HUGUES BAYET WALKING ALONG A CORRIDOR AND ENTERING THE CLASS (INTERIOR) 4. CUTAWAYS: STUDENTS LISTENING TO THE CLASS ON EU INSTITUTIONS (2 SHOTS) 5. EXTRACT OF THE LESSON – S&D MEP HUGUES BAYET SAYING (FRENCH): “In the European Parliament, we voted on a text which says that Europe is becoming a big obscure mess. Nobody really knows how it works, who is part of it or what it is made up of. And inevitably, we generally lose interest and dislike things that seem to be distant and complicated”. 6. INTERVIEW WITH S&D MEP HUGUES BAYET SAYING (FRENCH): “When we really don't know what it's for and how it works, whenever there is a negative decision or a rather complicated policy choice, we inevitably say "Oh, it's Europe, it's no good, etc." Therefore, I think it's important to explain why we need it so that people become aware of what we do in the EU and can take part – or not – in the political choices that are made there”. 7. CUTAWAYS: STUDENTS LISTENING TO THE CLASS ON EU INSTITUTIONS (2 SHOTS) 8. EXTRACT OF THE LESSON – JONAS CSASZAR, STUDENT SAYING (FRENCH): “We still feel that companies are above the state. Do you see that too”? 9. INTERVIEW WITH JONAS CSASZAR, STUDENT SAYING (FRENCH): “I've learned about its organisation. So, what things are for in the European Union. I've learned about the different seats they've had. And the difference between all the countries and the organisation of the different countries which joined forces to create Europe and that's really where we see that there are lots of differences but in the end we must still learn to live together”. 10. CUTAWAY: GEOGRAPHY TEACHER EXPLAINING THE EU LEGISLATION TO STUDENTS 11. INTERVIEW WITH JEAN-FRANCOIS DURY, GEOGRAPHY TEACHER SAYING (FRENCH) : “During the geography course the pupils learn about the environment in which they live. They live in Europe, so that's their daily life, even if they are not aware of it every day. Here, we have pupils who will turn 18 soon or some of them have already turned 18, so they will soon need to vote for Europe. And it's better to vote with a good understanding of the issues”. 12. CUTAWAYS: STUDENTS LISTENING TO THE CLASS ON EU INSTITUTIONS (2 SHOTS) 13. CUTAWAY: HUGUES BAYET FINISHING THE LESSON AND BEING APPLAUDED END
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