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MEPs want to boost global ratification of the UN Arms Trade Treaty



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European Parliament, Bruxelles, Belgium

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S&D Group, European Parliament Audiovisu

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BRUXELLES, BELGIUM (JULY 3-4, 2013) (SOCIALISTS AND DEMOCRATS, EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT - ACCESS ALL) 1. CUTAWAY: VARIOUS OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT IN BRUSSELS (EXTERIOR) 2. CUTAWAY: LARGE PLAN OF THE INTA COMMITTEE ROOM (INTERIOR) 3. CUTAWAY: VARIOUS OF THE VOTING SESSION ON THE ARMS TRADE TREATY 4. CUTAWAY: DAVID MARTIN (S&D SPOKESPERSON AND EP RAPPORTEUR ON THE ATT) DISCUSSING WITH HIS ASSISTANT 5. DAVID MARTIN (S&D SPOKESPERSON AND EP RAPPORTEUR ON THE ATT) SAYING (ENGLISH): "Well, this is the first time we find a trick in a deal with conventional weapons. Previously, we had international treaties dealing with weapons of mass destruction and dealing with land mines. The purpose of this is to bring under control the export of arms to third countries, particularly trying to stop arms going to areas where there is a possibility for genocides or abuse of human Rights ». 6. CUTAWAY: CLOSE-UPS ON DAVID MARTIN DISCUSSING WITH HIS ASSISTANT 7. DAVID MARTIN (S&D SPOKESPERSON AND EP RAPPORTEUR ON THE ATT) SAYING (ENGLISH): "I hope that once this agreement has been approved by the European Parliament in February, that the 20 countries will quickly sign up. We need 50 countries globally in the world for the Convention to come into force, so clearly, if 20 European countries sign up, we will be well on the way to get in the Arms Trade Treaty enforced and operational. 1. CUTAWAY: LARGE PLAN OF A CONFERENCE ROOM IN THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT, BRUSSELS (INTERIOR) 2. CUTAWAY: VARIOUS OF THE INTA CONFERENCE ON THE ARMS TRADE TREATY 3. AYMERIC ELLUIN, Head of the Arms and Impunity campaign at Amnesty International France SAYING (FRENCH): "The treaty is a revolution for two reasons : first, the Treaty creates a new norm for regulating arms trade. It was not the case until now. Secondly, that norm aims at stabilizing arms selling accross the world. That means that when a State wants to evaluate a weapon export, it has to take into account the risk of violation of Human Rights or International military Rights in the purchasing country ». 4. CUTAWAY: AYMERIC ELLUIN SPEAKING AT THE INTA CONFERENCE ON THE ARMS TRADE TREATY 5. AYMERIC ELLUIN SAYING (FRENCH): "European countries today have the responsability to have the same interpretation of the Treaty in order to reach an efficient implementation ». 1. CUTAWAY: GLORIA MARTINI (AEROSPACE & DEFENCE INDUSTRIES ASSOCIATION OF EUROPE) TALKING AT THE INTA CONFERENCE ON THE ARMS TRADE TREATY 2. GLORIA MARTINI (AEROSPACE & DEFENCE INDUSTRIES ASSOCIATION OF EUROPE) SAYING (ENGLISH): The industry supports this Treaty for many reasons : the most important is that this is the first time ever than this treaty provides the possibility for fighting illegal trafficking in arms. 3. CUTAWAY: CLOSE-UP ON GLORIA MARTINI 4. GLORIA MARTINI SAYING (ENGLISH): What we would like to stress is that the importance should be put on the harmonisatio, it is a real challenge, as well as on the ratification process. We really do hope that the European Union will play an important role, not only internaly but also externaly on the global arena to support an implementation of the Treaty. TANZANIA (JULY 6, 2006) (EBS, EUROPEAN COMMISSION - ACCESS ALL) : CUTAWAY: Various of forfeited war weapons in Tanzania
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