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no cloned animals on the EU market (no subtitles)



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08 Sep 2015

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Strasbourg, France

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interview with Clara Eugenia Aguilera Garcia stock shots of farming animals
STRASBOURG, FRANCE (SEPTEMBER, 2015) (SOCIALISTS AND DEMOCRATS, EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT - ACCESS ALL) 1. CUTAWAY: VARIOUS OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT, STRASBOURG (EXTERIOR) 2. CUTAWAY: VARIOUS OF MEPS VOTING ON THE CLONING OF FARMING ANIMALS 3. CUTAWAY: CLARA EUGENIA AGUILERA GARCIA (S&D SPOKESPERSON ON THE CLONING OF ANIMALS, ES) TALKING TO HER ASSISTANTS 4. CLARA EUGENIA AGUILERA GARCIA SAYING (SPANISH): “This proposal will prohibit in all Member States of the European Union the cloning of animals for farming purposes ». 5. CUTAWAY: CLARA EUGENIA AGUILERA GARCIA TALKING TO HER ASSISTANTS 6. CLARA EUGENIA AGUILERA GARCIA SAYING (SPANISH): « We can still see that during the process of cloning an animal, this animal suffers, and for us the animal's well-being is important and the current cloning technique doesn't guarantee this. This is the fundamental base of the prohibition in Europe». 7. CUTAWAY: CLARA EUGENIA AGUILERA GARCIA TALKING TO HER ASSISTANTS 8. CLARA EUGENIA AGUILERA GARCIA SAYING (SPANISH): « We have worked very hard in the Socialist Group to establish a system of traceability. Initially, the Commission's proposal was that the prohibition would only cover cloned animals and embryo clones, our prohibition has been extended to their descendants and to the whole genetic material, i.e. the semen, all the material that come from cloned animals ». SAINT-YVIèRE FARM IN NORMANDIE (France) (MARCH, 2014) + unknown location (2012) (EUROPEAN COMMISSION – ACCESS ALL) STOCK SHOTS: RENEWABLE ENERGY IN THE INTERNATIONAL ENERGY MARKET: 9. Various of milking Norman cows being fed 10. Farmer feeding cows 11. Norman cows going to pasture 12. Exterior views of a farm of ‘ISA brown’ chickens 13. Various shots of enriched cages full of 'ISA Brown' hens 14. Close up on red hens 15. Close up on eggs
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