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Paris Climate Conference: Energy efficiency must be the core of the deal



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28 Jan 2015

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Brussels, Belgium

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S&D Group

Brussels, 29 January 2015. Yesterday in Brussels, The European Parliament, Commission and Council discussed the steps to be taken on the way to the next UN climate conference (COP 21) in Paris in December 2015.
BRUSSELS, BELGIUM (JANUARY 20, 2015) (SOCIALISTS AND DEMOCRATS, EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT - ACCESS ALL) 1. CUTAWAY: VARIOUS OF EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT, BRUSSELS (EXTERIOR) 2. CUTAWAY: JO LEINEN (S&D MEP, DE) TALKING ON THE PHONE 3. JO LEINEN (S&D MEP) SAYING (ENGLISH): “We S&Ds want a global deal on climate protection to be reached in Paris and therefore we need a climate diplomacy all over the year 2015». 4. CUTAWAY: CLOSE-UP ON JO LEINEN EYES AND HANDS 5. JO LEINEN (S&D MEP) SAYING (ENGLISH): “That must be the core of the deal : Going out of fossile fuels to invest in renewable energy and energy efficiency ». 6. CUTAWAY: VIEW OF THE PLENARY ROOM WHERE MEPS ARE DEBATING, EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT (INTERIOR) 7. KATHLEEN VAN BREMPT (S&D VICE-PRESIDENT) SAYING (DUTCH): “ Energy efficiency must be the top priority of the Juncker plan” 8. KATHLEEN VAN BREMPT (S&D VICE-PRESIDENT) SAYING (DUTCH): “People are afraid of an energy transition based on renewable energy because they think it will cost them more to them and their children, but that’s not true. If we do not act, it will only cost more in the future. It will add up. And on top of that, the good news is, it will create thousands of jobs”. 9. INFOGRAPHICS - JOBS IN RENEWABLE ENERGY (SOURCE : REN21) - VOICE-OVER SAYING (ENGLISH): “ Today, it is estimated that renewable energy provides 6.5 million jobs. And we also know that for every 10 new jobs created by investing in fossil fuel industry, investing the same amount of money in renewables creates 15 new jobs. There is plenty of potential … and the market is promising! ” BELGIUM, GREECE AND GERMANY (MAY 20, 2013) (EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT – ACCESS ALL) STOCK SHOTS: RENEWABLE ENERGY IN THE INTERNATIONAL ENERGY MARKET: 10. Wind energy park, near to Liege, Belgium 11. Photovoltaic park near to the airport in Athen, Greece 12. Exterior and interior view of the biogas production site of Erdgas Schwaben, at Graben Lechfeld, South of Germany
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