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S&D MEPs demonstrate in solidarity with refugees



Shoot Date

16 Mar 2016

Shoot Location

Brussels, Belgium

Edited package in English
BRUSSELS, BELGIUM (MARCH 16, 2016) (SOCIALISTS AND DEMOCRATS, EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT - ACCESS ALL) 1. CUTAWAY: VARIOUS OF THE ‘NO MORE WALLS’ ACTION ON PLACE JEAN REY IN BRUSSELS 2. CUTAWAY: SYMBOLIC WALL THAT WAS BUILT TO BE DESTROYED 3. CUTAWAY: CROWD WAITING FOR THE CONCERT 4. CUTAWAY: S&D INTERNS ON STAGE WITH THE SINGER SINGING 5. CUTAWAY: TELEVISION CAMERA FILMING THE EVENT 6. CUTAWAY: VARIOUS OF MEPS PRESENT AT THE EVENT 7. CUTAWAY: GIANNI PITTELLA AND MARTIN SCHULZ ARRIVING AT THE EVENT 8. GIANNI PITTELLA (S&D PRESIDENT) SAYING (ENGLISH): “ We will show our commitment to our idea of a society, to an Europe of solidarity and unit. Schengen is the battleground where we will save our values. No more walls in Europe.” 9. GIANNI PITTELLA (S&D PRESIDENT) SAYING (ENGLISH): “We are here to stress our values and the main one is solidarity.” 10. GIANNI PITTELLA (S&D PRESIDENT) SAYING (ENGLISH): “We want to agree something with Turkey but without renouncing to our values. This is clear. We ask the Council to respect the will and the recommendation from the European Parliament. “ 11. CUTAWAY: INTERVENTION OF A PSE REPRESENTATIVE ON STAGE 12. CUTAWAY: CROWD LISTENING TO HIS SPEECH 13. MARTIN SCHULZ (PRESIDENT OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT) SAYING (ENGLISH): “I understand very well that my country is today fighting to welcome refugees. This is our historical responsibility and duties. And I invite all Europeans not to follow the German example, no, to stick to our common values.” 14. MARTIN SCHULZ (PRESIDENT OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT) SAYING (ENGLISH): “I think that there is a lot of people in Europe expecting that the Member States stick to the fundamental values of the European Union. A fundamental value is solidarity and this is not a ‘cherry picking‘, this is a principle.” 15. MARTIN SCHULZ (PRESIDENT OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT) SAYING (ENGLISH): « Everybody who has a single sense of solidarity and humanity should open the borders for these people. That’s what is missing, the message here is: “speed up, find a solution”. 16. CUTAWAY: LARGE SHOT OF THE CROWD LISTENING TO THE SPEECHES 17. CUTAWAY: DESTRUCTION OF THE WALL 18. CUTAWAY: CLOSE SHOT ON LYRICS OF JOHN LENNON’S IMAGINE 19. CUTAWAY: LARGE SHOT OF THE CROWD
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