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Sexual & Reproductive Rights: Conservatives Want to Set Women's Rights Back 30 Years



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22 Oct 2013

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Strasbourg, France

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European Parliament

Edited package, including soundbites in Portuguese
A) INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY 2013 – Video Clip from the European Parliament Audiovisual Unit © European Union 2013 B) STRASBOURG, FRANCE (October 22, 2013) (SOCIALISTS AND DEMOCRATS, EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT - ACCESS ALL) 1. CUTAWAY: THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT IN STRASBOURG (EXTERIOR) 2. CUTAWAY: VARIOUS OF THE HEMICYCLE IN THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT 3. EDITE ESTRELA (RAPPORTEUR ON SEXUAL & REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS) SAYING (PORTUGUESE): « I very much regret the decision that this Parliament has just taken. This subject is a subject which has already been debated this mandate and has been approved on various occasions by this Parliament ». 4. CUTAWAY: EDITE ESTRELA (S&D MEP, PT) TALKING TO JOURNALISTS 5. EDITE ESTRELA (S&D MEP, PT) SAYING (PORTUGUESE): "The Right and the extreme Right created an alliance to send back the report to the FEMM Committee. I regret this extremely aggressive behaviour of some of my colleagues and I am sorry about this decision because it does not solve any problem. It postpones a decision ». 6. CUTAWAY: EDITE ESTRELA (S&D MEP, PT) TALKING TO JOURNALISTS 7. EDITE ESTRELA (S&D MEP, PT) SAYING (PORTUGUESE): This is a report that promotes equality, equity, social justice, and that defends the Human Rights. Regarding the volunteer pregnancy interruption, we want it to be done in safety conditions, so that we can fight the backdoor abortion. It has to be legal. Sexual education is also very important for young people; so that they can make informed and conscient choices. 8. CUTAWAY: EDITE ESTRELA (S&D MEP, PT) TALKING TO JOURNALISTS 9. EDITE ESTRELA (S&D MEP, PT) SAYING (PORTUGUESE): Regarding the Conscientious Objection, we know that in some Member States the highly restrictive interpretation of the Law has had tragic consequences : in Ireland, recently, a woman died because her right to the volunteer interruption of pregnancy had been refused. Therefore we think that the Conscientious Objection has to be taken individually, it is an individual right and it can not be a group one. Story S&D Euro MPs today slammed the conservatives in the European Parliament for opposing a resolution supporting sexual and reproductive health and rights for all, in Europe and beyond. Under the pressure of "pro-Life" activists, the text will now be sent back to the women's committee. S&D Euro MP Edite Estrela (Portugal) who drafted the resolution said after the vote: "I deeply regret the decision taken today. On several occasions, this Parliament has recognised the right for everyone to make their own informed and responsible choices on their sexual and reproductive life. "The draft resolution was approved by the women's committee with a strong majority of 17 votes in favour, 7 abstentions and 7 against. By not respecting the outcome of the vote in parliamentary committee, the conservatives want to set women's rights back 30 years. "This is not acceptable. The socialists and democrats will stand firm to protect women's rights to abortion and access to quality health services". S&D group vice-president Corina Cretu added: "I am very concerned about the delaying of the vote today. The Report has strongly emphasized a real need: quality health care services. Coming from a country where thousands of women have died trying to abort, when the legislation was prohibiting abortion in Romania, I find outrageous any attempt to return to those times. The freedom of choice is essential. And every woman should have the right to make her own choices concerning the sexual and reproductive rights.
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