• SOURCE: S&D Group at European Parliament

Single Railway network - Ready-to-air (EN)



Shoot Date

28 Apr 2016

Shoot Location

Bruxelles, Belgium

Production Company

S&D Group

Ready-to-air version of the video package: "Single European Railway network - S&Ds welcome modernisation but call for stronger protection of workers’ rights (EN/DE/ES)"
1. VOICE-OVER ( audio ENGLISH): With more than 11 000 different national technical and safety rules railway undertakings have to respect, the European railway system lacks efficiency. Consequently, tickets are too expensive and it is difficult for citizens to travel across Europe by train. The European Parliament therefore adopted three legislative measures today in order to create a better European railway network and enable passengers to travel between two European cities with a single ticket. 2. INES AYALA SENDER - S&D Spokesperson on the technical pillar of the railway package (audio SPANISH): The most important objective is to reach a better rail service for European citizens, improve quality and, above all, avoid the obstacles faced in crossing borders. Hence, we have emphasized the interoperability of services so that trains do not have to stop at borders, but they can pass because all the elements and trains are interoperable. 3. VOICE-OVER (ENGLISH): Thanks to administrative simplifications railway companies will profit from less bureaucracy and citizens from better services. 4.ISMAIL ERTUG - S&D Spokesperson on transport and tourism (audio GERMAN): What should change for the customers at the end of the day, is that they can travel better and faster, due to the fact that this 4th railway package eliminates various obstacles, like for example technical hurdles such as different gauges, or technical signalling systems.] 5.VOICE-OVER (audio ENGLISH): The security of travellers taking the train is another element the S&D MEPs want to improve. 6.INES AYALA SENDER - S&D Spokesperson on the technical pillar of the railway package (audio SPANISH): One of the more important points is the safety of trains. We have to introduce a culture of security, like at airports. Train staff must be prepared to provide security and also be prepared to help and inform in case of an emergency. 7.VOICE-OVER (audio ENGLISH): Since the Railway Package is going to harmonize the European railway system, this will also have an impact on workers. The S&D Group fought for a better protection of workers' rights in this package of legislative measures, but they are still not satisfied. 8.ISMAIL ERTUG - S&D Spokesperson on transport and tourism (audio GERMAN): When a new company, a new service provider, wins a tender for the next 10 to 15 years, in accordance with the legal text they are under no obligation to take over the existing staff. We consider this to be a big problem and we will insist on a mandatory formulation. 9.VOICE-OVER (audio ENGLISH): At the end of the year, the European Parliament will officially approve three other legislative acts aiming to improve the European railway system. MEPs have just found a compromise with the national governments. Consumers will soon be able to experience better railway services and travel more easily by train.
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