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ShotlistFRANCE, STRASBOURG (SEPTEMBER 11, 2013) (SOCIALISTS AND DEMOCRATS, EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT - ACCESS ALL) 1. CUTAWAY: VARIOUS OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT IN STRASBOURG (EXTERIOR)2. CUTAWAY: VARIOUS OF THE DEBATE ON THE STATE OF UNION IN THE HEMICYCLE3. MANUEL JOSE BARROSO (PRESIDENT OF THE EUROPEAN COMMISSION) SAYING (ENGLISH SPEECH):"One year on, the facts tell us that our efforts have started to convince. Overall spreads are coming down, the most vulnerable countries are paying less to borrow, industrial output is increasing, market trust is returning, stock markets are performing well, the business outlook is improving, consumer confidence is sharply rising."4. CUTAWAY: MEP'S LISTENING TO THE DEBATE5. HANNES SWOBODA (S&D PRESIDENT) SAYING (ENGLISH SPEECH):"As in your older speech, you describe a glass that is totally full, I will demonstrate the glass is still half empty. You spoke about figures - yes there are some good figures, we are happy about that - but I want to speak about people, about women, about the young generation, about children who still suffer from this austerity policy. You spoke about an increasing confidence, but why M. Barroso is there still a lack of confidence amongst the citizens in Europe? That question needs to be answered by the Commission's president." 6. CUTAWAY: HANNES SWOBODA DURING THE DEBATEFRANCE, STRASBOURG (SEPTEMBER 9, 2013) (SOCIALISTS AND DEMOCRATS, EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT - ACCESS ALL) 7. HANNES SWOBODA (S&D PRESIDENT) SAYING (ENGLISH SPEECH):"Well we have a very weak improvement of the economic situation with still a high level of unemployment. We still have very severe social and health consequences for many of our citizens. The European Union, especially the Commission and the Council moved a bit towards more flexibility, more investments, this is what we have asked for many years already. The movement is insufficient so we have to encourage the Commission and the Council, leading politicians in Europe, to go for growth and employment policies. This is our clear message. "8. CUTAWAY: HANNES SWOBODA LISTENING TO THE DEBATE9. HANNES SWOBODA (S&D PRESIDENT) SAYING (ENGLISH SPEECH): "Have the courage to have a strong policy for Europe, go for more economic and social policies for Europe because without a social dimension in the European Union, the citizens will despair, and they will disorient themselves away from the European Union and towards more nationalism, and it will be the end of the Europe we want. "10. CUTAWAY: LARGE SHOT OF THE HEMICYCLE
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