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The EU investigates McDonald's tax regime and working conditions (B-ROLL)



Shoot Date

12 Jan 2016

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brussels, Belgium

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S&D Group

B-ROLL version of the story "The EU investigate McDonald's tax regime and working conditions"
BELGIUM, BRUSSELS (JANUARY 12, 2016) (SOCIALISTS AND DEMOCRATS, EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT - ACCESS ALL) 1. CUTAWAYS: EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT’S BUILDINGS – EXTERIOR (2 SHOTS) 2. CUTAWAYS: PETER SIMON TALKING TO HIS ASSISTANT (2 SHOTS) 3. PETER SIMON (S&D SPOKEPERSON FOR THE SPECIAL TAXE COMMITTEE) SAYING (ENGLISH): “Due to the information we got from trade unions, McDonald didn’t pay taxes as we expected it to pay. ” 4. CUTAWAYS: CLOSE PLAN ON PETER SIMON’S ASSISTANT (1 SHOTS) 5. PETER SIMON (S&D SPOKEPERSON FOR THE SPECIAL TAXE COMMITTEE) SAYING (ENGLISH): “The consequence, - as in every state aid case - is on the one hand that the tax that has not been paid has to be paid now, and on the other hand that they should also investigate possible similar cases in other companies. ” 6. CUTAWAYS: PATRICK ORR TALKING TO A COLLEAGUE (2 SHOTS) 7. PATRICK ORR (EUROPEAN PUBLIC SERVICE UNION – EPSU -, POLICY ASSISTANT) SAYING (ENGLISH): “There is an obvious link between the way ‘they’ (McDonald) avoid to pay their taxes and avoid contributing to the European society and the way they are trying to squeeze their work forces at the maximum: by paying the lowest wages, making the worst working conditions with extremely precarious hours and super flexible employment contracts. Basically, everybody looses out with this type of business model except for this giant multinational company that makes billions of euros of profit every year in Europe whilst paying very little tax.“ 8. CUTAWAYS: LAWANDA WILLIAMSON TALKING TO A COLLEAGUE (2 SHOTS) 9. LAWANDA WILLIAMSON (EMPLOYEE AT MCDONALD’S) SAYING (ENGLISH): “I get hired to do a cashier’s position but I am doing a maintenance man’s job… How can you cross-contaminate with the food like that? You can’t go and clean up a bathroom and then come and serve a customer. It is not right. You can get burnt. When you get burnt, they give you mustard. They don’t let you go home, take a little few time off to rest or make sure you are ok. They give you mustard and you get back to work. ” 10. CUTAWAYS: LAWANDA WILLIAMSON TALKING TO A COLLEAGUE (2 SHOTS) 11. LAWANDA WILLIAMSON (EMPLOYEE AT MCDONALD’S) SAYING (ENGLISH): “I noticed that not only is it happening in the USA, it is happening everywhere. So I am taking a stand, something needs to happen, McDonald’s need to be held accountable for all its actions. It has to change.” 12. CUTAWAY: JUTTA STEINRUCK TALKING TO HER ASSISTANT 13. JUTTA STEINRUCK (S&D SPOKEPERSON ON EMPLOYMENT AND SOCIAL AFFAIRS) SAYING (ENGLISH): “The Bakers Union from the UK and the Baecher Trade Unions want us to investigate the abuse of several of our contracts or the so called ‘flexi-jobs’. The French Unions call for uniform working conditions, both in franchisees and restaurants owned directly by McDonald’s.” 14. CUTAWAYS: JUTTA STEINRUCK TALKING TO HER ASSISTANT (2 SHOTS) 15. THOMAS WOODRUFF (“CHANGE TO WIN”, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR) SAYING (ENGLISH): “You see why McDonalds is so important; this is the second largest private sector employer in the world, with 1.9 million workers. They are the largest employers of small businesses; they have 34.000 franchises. They are leading the raise to the bottom, they are leading in social dumping and zero hour contracts. Their business model is based on driving their workers into poverty, and creating profits by unfair competition and driving competitors out “ END
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