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The EU must act against gendercide



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08 Oct 2013

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Strasbourg, France

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European Parliament

Shotlist STRASBOURG, FRANCE (OCTOBER 8, 2013) (SOCIALISTS AND DEMOCRATS, EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT - ACCESS ALL) 1. CUTAWAY: VARIOUS OF EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT, STRASBOURG (EXTERIOR; INTERIOR) 2. ANTIGONI PAPADOPOULOU (S&D MEMBER AND RAPPORTEUR ON GENDERCIDE) SAYING (ENGLISH): « We are against sex selection practices and against abortion of the fœtus, especially if it is a girl. We have to increase awareness on gendercide ; We have to protect the right of babies to be born as well as the rights of women to give birth to baby girls and baby children». 3. CUTAWAY: ANTIGONI PAPADOPOULOU (S&D MEMBER AND RAPPORTEUR ON GENDERCIDE) LEAVING THE PLENARY AREA 4. ANTIGONI PAPADOPOULOU (S&D MEMBER AND RAPPORTEUR ON GENDERCIDE) SAYING (ENGLISH): "Gendercide is a local term which is used for the massive and deliberate killings of people who belong to a certain sex. That phenomenon occurs in a lot of countries, f.e. in China and India. In India, there is more birth of boys and there are real concerns about women who are missing». 1. CUTAWAY Various of people and children on the streets of a village (Karora, Haryana, India) 2. INDIAN VILLAGER SAYING (HINDU): "Brides for poor families are brought here from other states. They help their families with money». 3. CUTAWAY: WOMAN WORKING 4. CUTAWAY: LITTLE BOY EATING AN ICE CREAM 5. CUTAWAY: VARIOUS OF ultrasound investigation 6. DR. RAJIV GUPTA, PHYSICIAN SAYING (ENGLISH): "On a daily basis, You have people who come to you begging to get the sex of their child known. There are also people who have got this sex determination done and who want abortion of the unborn female child. They're ready to pay you anything." ». 1. CUTAWAY: VARIOUS of ultrasound investigation 2. DR. RAJIV GUPTA, PHYSICIAN SAYING (ENGLISH): "Each family wants that there should be at least one son who can look after the family business, who can look after the family name and who can look after the parents when they're old ». 1. CUTAWAY: VARIOUS of little boys playing together Story The European Parliament today called on governments to take action against 'gendercide', which refers to the systematic, deliberate and gender-based mass killing of people because of their sex. Gendercide is a rising but under-reported problem in various countries. Recent estimates of the gender ratio in the world's population show a distortion equal to approximately 200 million 'missing' women. In a resolution drafted by S&D Euro MP Antigoni Papadopoulou and adopted today in Strasbourg, the European Parliament stressed that gendercide is a crime and a severe violation of human rights, and called on governments to introduce laws to investigate such cases, put perpetrators on trial, assist the survivors as well as to introduce supportive measures to empower girls and women. After the vote, Antigoni Papadopoulou said: "I welcome the positive outcome of the vote. For the first time, the European Parliament is addressing this particularly sensitive issue. "The 'missing' women have been victims of either sex selection during pregnancy – through prenatal sex detection and abortion – or following birth through infanticide or child neglect. "We have worked hard in the European Parliament's committee on women's rights and gender equality and have managed to create a robust and integrated report on combating gendercide. "I would like to express my satisfaction that a number of amendments tabled in the plenary did not get through in the final report. These amendments were out of the scope of this report as banning of all abortions, as proposed, would not certainly stop gendercides. "Moreover, the present report is not the appropriate forum to address or promote personal issues, but to recommend concerted actions to combat gender biased sex selective malpractices everywhere, thus saving women's lives." Source : S&D Group ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. In India, sex-selective abortion and finding out the sex of a baby before birth are illegal. But every day Dr. Rajiv Gupta sees patients who are willing to do just about anything to construct a family with more boys, than girls. If the so-called gendercide continues at the rate it is happening now, by 2021 India will have 20 per cent more men than women. One major concern for people here is who these young boys will marry when they grow up if nothing changes. Source : ANO "TV-Novosti" (RT)
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