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Tobacco Directive: MEPs support Linda McAvan's quest for fairness



Shoot Date

08 Oct 2013

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Brussels, Belgium

Production Company

European Parliament

Shotlist BRUSSELS, BELGIUM (JULY 10, 2013) (SOCIALISTS AND DEMOCRATS, EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT - ACCESS ALL) 1. BLACK PANEL INTRODUCING A VOX POP QUESTION: How old were you when you started smoking? 2. SMOKER 1 SAYING (FRENCH SPEECH): "The awkward age: 13 years old." 3. SMOKER 2 SAYING (FRENCH SPEECH): "Regularly, 16 years old." 4. SMOKER 3 SAYING (FRENCH SPEECH): "I started smoking when I was 15." 5. SMOKER 4 SAYING (FRENCH SPEECH): "I started to smoke at 13." 6. SMOKER 5 SAYING (FRENCH SPEECH): "I started to smoke around 15." 7. BLACK PANEL INTRODUCING A VOX POP QUESTION: How do/did you choose your cigarettes? 8. SMOKER 6 SAYING (FRENCH SPEECH): "Because of the colours of the cigarette packet, the whole packaging was attractive. " 9. SMOKER 4 SAYING (FRENCH SPEECH): "The packaging isn't very important for me, I choose my cigarettes according to their price." 10. SMOKER 6 SAYING (FRENCH SPEECH): "Certainly it's popularity, and of course the famous cowboy! " 11. SMOKER 4 SAYING (FRENCH SPEECH): "But some brands like BIP or BIP, all these brands of cigarettes are smoked by people of my age so I am more tempted to buy them." 12. SMOKER 3 SAYING (FRENCH SPEECH): "I believe it is much more the taste of the cigarettes that will convince smokers. It worked when they did flavoured cigarettes like vanilla-flavoured ones or the one that tasted menthol." 13. SMOKER 5 SAYING (FRENCH SPEECH): "I think that you can be influenced when you are young and starting smoking. After that, when you have your own preferences it is more difficult." 14. CUTAWAY: VARIOUS OF EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT IN STRASBOURG (EXTERIOR) 15. CUTAWAY: VARIOUS OF THE VOTE 16. CUTAWAY: LINDA MCAVAN (S&D MEP, UK) talking to journalists 17. LINDA MCAVAN (S&D MEP, UK) SAYING (ENGLISH): "Compared with what we have now, it is a big step forward. We will see big picture warnings on the front and back of packages. We will see it at the top of the packages so that when you buy them. The first thing you see is warnings, not the "love-me, I'm attractive" or the "buy-me, buy-me" packages. For the tobacco industry, the possibility to market cigarettes will be weakened by this." 18. CUTAWAY: LINDA MCAVAN TALKING TO JOURNALISTS 19. LINDA MCAVAN (S&D MEP, GB) SAYING (ENGLISH): "I would have preferred the bigger warnings that the Socialists wanted. We wanted 75% warnings to support the Commission's position, we got 65%. I would have prefer to ban slims from the market, we didn't achieve that but we do get rid of these lipstick style perfume packages which will disappear from the market. I would have preferred that all flavourings go together but we keep menthol on the market." 1. CUTAWAY: LINDA MCAVAN TALKING TO JOURNALISTS 2. LINDA MCAVAN (S&D MEP, GB) SAYING (ENGLISH): "MEPs should have the minimum contact with the tobacco industry, especially because we want to regulate this industry. I think we should look very carefully at what happened with the pressure of lobbyists. I learned from them." ATHENS, GREECE (UNKNOWN) (EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AUDIOVISUAL - ACCESS ALL) 1. CUTAWAY: VARIOUS OF DIFFERENT CIGARETTE PACKAGES, BRANDS, ROLLING PAPER Story PARLIAMENT SUPPORTS LINDA MCAVAN'S QUEST FOR A FAIR TOBACCO DIRECTIVE Led by the Socialists and Democrats, the European Parliament today supported strong measures to prevent the next generation from smoking, with clear information and packaging for tobacco products. Smoking remains the leading cause of preventable death in the EU and kills around 700,000 people per year. Despite an overall declining EU cigarette market, prevalence rates of 29% among young people (15-25) are higher than for the population as whole. In Europe, 70% of smokers begin before the age of 18. The rapporteur, S&D MEP Linda McAvan, got the support of the Parliament to open negotiations with the Council of the EU to finalise the new directive on tobacco products. Linda McAvan said: "This Parliament today lived up to the expectations of our citizens and did not give in to the strong pressure from the tobacco lobbies, who have been frenetically trying to influence our vote and to delay any new legislation. We chose to put the health of future generations first. "We are not telling Europeans what to do, but we don't want the industry to mislead the young. We want tobacco products that look and taste like tobacco. There won't be any more lipstick- or perfume-style cigarettes packets. "The Parliament proposes that combined picture and text warnings will cover 65% of the front and back of cigarette packets and roll-your-own cigarettes. "This is also why we want to ban flavourings such as chocolate and fruit flavours. We did not manage to ban menthol straight away, but it will be banned in eight years. Scientific studies show that flavours such as menthol facilitate inhalation and may play a role in smoking initiation. "On e-cigarettes, I believe they can play an important role in helping smokers cut down or quit smoking. But they need proper regulation. I proposed to tackle them as a medicinal product, but the majority in this house decided to propose to regulate it as a tobacco-related product. "My main concern is to address an important public health problem in Europe and to stop any tricks from the industry to make tobacco particularly attractive to children and teenagers."
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