• SOURCE: S&D Group at European Parliament

UK Referendum: Gordon Brown stands for an outward-looking Britain in the European Parliament



Shoot Date

25 May 2016

Shoot Location

Brussels, Belgium

Edited package in English
Shotlist BRUSSELS, BELGIUM (MAY 25, 2016) (SOCIALISTS AND DEMOCRATS, EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT - ACCESS ALL) 1. CUTAWAY: VARIOUS OF EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT IN BRUSSELS (EXTERIOR) 2. CUTAWAY: VARIOUS OF THE ARRIVAL OF GORDON BROWN AND MARTIN SCHULZ AT A CONFERENCE 3. CUTAWAY: MARTIN SCHULZ WALKING TO THE DESK BEFORE HIS SPEECH 4. MARTIN SCHULZ (PRESIDENT OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT) SAYING (ENGLISH): “Isn’t it better for the UK to make sure it keeps a seat at the table, and has a say on how things are done? And I will go further: I don’t want Britain just as a member, but as a leader.” 5. CUTAWAY: GORDON BROWN WALKING TO THE DESK BEFORE HIS SPEECH 6. GORDON BROWN (UK PRIME-MINISTER) SAYING (ENGLISH): “I want to say that I want to see the Britain that is outward-looking, the Britain that is engaged with the world, the Britain that is internationally minded, triumph over the Britain that wants to stand alone, stand isolated, be an island unto itself and to be a race apart". 7. CUTAWAY: PEOPLE ATTENDING THE CONFERENCE APPLAUDING GORDON BROWN’S SPEECH 8. GORDON BROWN (UK PRIME-MINISTER) SAYING (ENGLISH): “I think people want to know the positive, the progressive and the principle arguments in favour of Britain remaining in Europe. And I think in particular, labour voters and progressive voters want to understand that Britain can help change Europe for the better for the future, and that Europe can help Britain secure better job prospects, meeting the climate change targets, better security of people, action against tax havens, for tax fairness and social rights for working people. And I think these arguments should form the basis of a UK presidency of the European Union. These positive arguments really matter. We can make Europe fairer, we can make people more secure, we can create more jobs, but we can only do that by cooperation.” 9. CUTAWAY: PANEL DURING THE CONFERENCE 10. CUTAWAY: DAVID MARTIN TALKING DURING THE CONFERENCE 11. : DAVID MARTIN (S&D MEP) SAYING (ENGLISH): “I think the key message is that remaining in the European Union guaranties job and security but also that ‘remaining’ doesn’t mean Europe remaining the same, that we have to change Europe, make Europe better in terms of tackling tax havens, in terms of tacking climate change, and in creating more jobs. Although we’ve done reasonably well in terms of jobs at the European level, there is much much more we can do.” 12. CUTAWAY: PEOPLE LISTENING TO THE CONFERENCE 13. CUTAWAY: GORDON BROWN TALKING DURING THE CONFERENCE 14. CUTAWAY: CAMERAMAN FILMING THE CONFERENCE 15. CUTAWAY: GENERAL VIEW OF THE ROOM HOSTING THE CONFERENCE
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