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Women's Day: Ending Genital Mutilations



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07 Mar 2014

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European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium,

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S&D Group

Edited Package
BURKINA FASO, AFRICA (2012-2013) (RESPECT FOR CHANGE - ACCES ALL) 1. CUTAWAY: VARIOUS OF A SMALL VILLAGE IN BURKINA FASO 2. CUTAWAY: A YOUNG WOMEN TALKING ABOUT HER TRAUMATIC EXPERIENCE WHEN SHE WAS MUTILATED SAYING (FRENCH): "I am here because my father excised me. He took me and brought me back to the village. When I arrived I noticed that other girls had also been mutilated. They asked me too take my clothes off but I refused. I tried to escape but they caught me strongly and then excised me." 3. CUTAWAY: AFRICAN MIDWIFE EXPLAINING THE DIFFERENT FORMS OF FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATIONS 4. PASCALINE SEBGO (MIDWIFE, PRESIDENT OF GASCODE ASSOCIATION) SAYING (FRENCH): "To define the excision I would like to broaden the definition to all the female genital mutilations. it is a practice which aims at cutting a part or the entire extern genitals of a women for reasons which aren't therapeutic. According to the WHO, there are three types of excision: the first type corresponds to the cut of a part of or the entire genitals, the second type corresponds to the cut of the entire clitoris or both little lips, the 3rd type is the cut of all the extern genitals with sometimes a sew up of the vaginal orifice, and which is called infibulation. " BRUSSELS, BELGIUM (FEBRUARY 20, 2014) (SOCIALISTS AND DEMOCRATS, EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT - ACCESS ALL) 1. CUTAWAY: VARIOUS OF EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT IN BRUSSELS (EXTERIOR) 2. CUTAWAY: VARIOUS OF MEP'S BEING PHOTOGRAPHED WITH THE AMNESTY SLOGAN PANEL AND SIGNING A PETITION TU SUPPORT THE FIGHT AGAINST FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION. 3. BRITTA THOMSEN (S&D MEP, DK) SAYING (ENGLISH): "We really thing that female genital mutilations are one of the most extreme forms of violence against women that we shouldn't accept. It is a torture, sometimes done against innocent babies and we shouldn't accept that women haven't the right to decide about their own body. " 4. CUTAWAY: BRITTA THOMSEN TALKING TO HER ASSISTANT 5. BRITTA THOMSEN (S&D MEP, DK) SAYING (ENGLISH): "We should absolutely raise this issue as a European issue because it also happens within our borders and it is completely in conflict with the European values on which we have built Europe." 6. CUTAWAY: ELISE PETITAS TALKING TO COLLEAGUES 7. ELISE PETITAS (ADVOCACY OFFICER, OXFAM) SAYING (FRENCH): "I work for a campaign organised by Amnesty International which is called End FGM, which stands for 'End Female Genital Mutilation', and if we are here at the European Parliament today, it is to try to mobilise the members of the parliament and to ask them to continue to fight against this problem." 8. CUTAWAY: ELISE PETITAS TALKING TO COLLEAGUES 9. ELISE PETITAS (ADVOCACY OFFICER, AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL) SAYING (FRENCH): "Today, 125 millions women are victims of female genital mutilations. In Europe, there are 500 thousands women which are also affected by the problem, and 180 thousand women would be at risk every year." 10. CUTAWAY: ELISE PETITAS AND AN MEP SIGNING THE PETITION
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