• 16-JUL-2013

  • SOURCE: The Linde Group

Sapphire Energy and Linde Expand Partnership to Commercialize Technology to Upgrade Algae Biomass into Crude Oil

Sapphire Energy, Inc., one of the world leaders in algae-based Green Crude oil production, and the technology company The Linde Group announced they will expand their partnership to commercialize a new industrial scale conversion technology needed to upgrade algae biomass into crude oil. Together, the companies will refine the hydrothermal treatment process developed and operated today by Sapphire Energy at pilot scale. In addition, they will jointly license and market the technology into an expanded list of industries, including algae, municipal solid waste and farm waste in order to upgrade other biomass sources into energy. The agreement spans a minimum of five years through the development of Sapphire Energy's first commercial scale, algae-to-energy production facility.

This growing partnership builds upon Linde's and Sapphire Energy's agreement to develop a low cost CO2 management system for open pond algae-to-fuel production, which was previously announced in May 2011. Linde, the leading merchant CO2 supplier in the U.S., also became the exclusive supplier of CO2 for Sapphire Energy's commercial demonstration, algae-to-energy facility in Columbus, New Mexico. Today, the Green Crude Farm is operating year-round and producing barrels of crude oil daily.

Available material includes edited packages about Clean Technology, including views of the pilot plant in New Mexico.